Memories from Last Year’s Convention

We had an amazing conference last year. We’re expecting even greater things this year. You won’t want to miss it!

The conference was wonderful!!! Thank you for everyone and everything that was done to make it successful!!!

Personally, it was also a great spiritual week for me!!! Thank you all for sharing your faithfulness!!!!

Maroline Ritter

I’d highly suggest, motivate, prod and cajole everyone to register for the 2024 FCM Convention. Great location with lots of near-by sites, shops, motels and restaurants. And best of all about the FCM International- it’s a great convention to perform, learn, buy stuff and confab with old and new friends!

Roger Jay Bus

It was a wonderful time of connecting, sharing and learning. It’s a well-known tagline of this convention that it’s “the fastest week of the year,” and I’d once again agree! See you later, friends!

If you want to learn more about creative effective ministry methods, you should join us!

Randy Christensen